Let the Fun Times Roll
Introducing @JTZL's Fun Hour

@JTZL’s Fun Hour is a new generation of cinéma vérité, a new stylistic frontier, as the filmmaker becomes both the subject and the objective. Expressed in a series of vignettes captured over several months in the later parts of 2014 and into 2015, @jtzl’s Fun Hour tells the story of an average, everyday contemporary Renaissance Man, navigating his way through the sometimes paradoxical quandaries of contemporary living.

@JTZL’s Fun Hour was filmed, edited, mastered, and fluffed in New York City from Fall 2014 into Spring 2015. Writing and directing were done both on-camera and during editing, weaving together stories from the narrator’s personal milieu to present a full hour of thought-provoking and wtf-inspiring philoso-info-tainment.

@JTZL’s Fun Hour endeavors to earnestly capture a sliver of the human condition by rigorously adhering to the tenets of Dogma 2015, a style pioneered in “@JTZL’s Fun Hour.”

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“Dogma 2015 could do for video what emocore did for punk.”


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Introducing Dogma 2015

The term “Dogma 2015” was coined by New York-based fine artist J. T. Gray during the production of “@JTZL’s Fun Hour.” Inspired by Lars Von Trier’s and Thomas Vinterberg’s well-known Dogme 95 principles and manifesto, Gray seeks to draw from contemporary values and culture in order to define guidelines for selfie cinematographers and vanity video artists in the early 21st century, as we seek to express and relate–with, through, and alongside increasingly sophisticated media technologies. The objective, if one is open to being charitable with his labels, of Dogma 2015 is to keep filmmakers grounded and conversational with their audiences while taking seriously our commitment as storytellers to advance human culture and, if possible, save society from itself.

Principles of Dogma 2015:

* Movie must be shot on digital video, in HD where available
* Narrator should acknowledge the voyeur-exhibitionist relationship at play
* Picking up a second take is one thing, acting is another
* In general, “Fuck it, we’ll do it live” should prevail
* In general, choose the more ’embarrassing’ clip

@jtzl's Fun Hour on Vimeo